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Did any of you also feel like the actual exam was a whole different dimesion when compared to your practice exams? My experience of the exam was that it was far harder then anything my practice tests prepaired me for. I was getting high and mid 90 percentages on my practice runs. I used exam compass to guage my readness for the exam and made sure I wouldn't learn any of it's questions by not using it as my normal practice test platform. Got around 90 percents there too.

But when it came to the real thing I scraped by and just got through first time with a 758. A lot of questions I had no idea about and had to just best guess the answer. Expected a good couple of questions concerning ports, I ended up with like 1, lol. Was anyone else's exam like this? I think I heard mention on the forums that the network+ exam has become far harder then a entry level networking certification should be.


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    Looks like everywhere we turn people seem to find it really difficult. Lucky me, I have to sit this in about two weeks time o_o
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    Exam Compass' difficulty isn't up to par with any of the exams they practice for. I used EC to help study for my Security+ and it didn't help me one bit.
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    Exam compass is much more of a review testing of the definitions, terms, protocols etc. you study.
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    Back when I took the exam I used the Total Seminars practice exam from Mike Meyers. It was part of the Network+ All-In-One kit by him as well. I felt like they adequately prepared me for the exam, but I also had a few years of experience to help me out as well.

    The Transcender practice exams are really good as well. I didn't use them for my Network+ but I did use them when I took A+ and used them for my MCSA exams. They're a lot more expensive than a lot of the others but well worth it in my opinion.
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    After my bootcamp class and Kaplan practice test came out at 90% I thought I was ready - NOPE failed 536

    2nd try: I took more tests and used cards to memorize the definitions, I thought I was ready - NOPE failed 610

    I now bought 2 books and started reading and taking the quizzes after each chapter. I realized I was just memorizing and not actually learning, I compared both test results and when the incorrect objectives match I focus on those even more. I think THIS time i have a good chance. 3rd try in April (high Hopes)
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    To be a bit more clear I was using transcender and Glen E. Clarke's free test software that came with his book. My reasoning for using exam compass is it was the only free one left I didn't touch so I wouldn't know any of it's questions. I figured that was a decent way to guage my test readiness, given that my other test platforms I knew quite a few of the questions + answers by that point.

    I really don't like transcender though. Felt that it's answers to questions were overly bloated and difficult to understand. Much prefer total seminars from mike mayers.
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