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What is the easiest way to re certify your CCNA? I have about a month and a half until my current CCNA expires. I was going to just let it expire, but I decided against that. I was thinking CCNA-Security or Wireless. Any thoughts? Thanks


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    I was going to take the CCNA: Security when my time comes. I've spoken to others and they seemed to agree that it was a fairly easy exam but I personally can't say.
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    Any CCNA level exam or higher will renew the CCNA certification. You do not need to get another certification to renew. With that being said, find something you enjoy and go for it. Cisco has a lot of certifications that might grab your attention.
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    See if you can take something along the lines of what you work with most often. Since you only have 6 weeks until expiration, you don't want to be in the situation of learning from scratch. CCNA Wireless is extremely detail-oriented and harder than most people think. Read here:

    I've read that CCNA Security has a higher passing score than other CCNA exams, but a lot of people get it. I'd say it's the second most popular CCNA next to R&S.

    There's also CCNA Data Center, but the last day to take the old exam is April 11th, 2017. If you do a lot of data center work, this might be a good route.

    Other options are any of the CCNP exams, such as the Route exam or Switch exam. Either exam will renew your CCNA. Also, you could take ICND2 again. That's probably the cheapest option, but you don't gain anything new from it. Also, ICND2 has been revised significantly, so it may not be a walk in the park. And of course there's the CCNA R&S composite, but if you're going to take that, then there's no rush because expiration doesn't matter.

    Whatever you do, you need to make a study plan immediately and get going on it.
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    with only 6 weeks to study..... i doubt that I could pass another track (from scratch).

    But if you are "doing" cisco-stuff everyday... that's another story.
    (but i assume No; since you were planning to let it expire)

    Your best bet might be to retake the ICND2 exam; passing that will renew all CCNA-level certs.

    ANother option, is actually your original plan; just let it expire.
    If you didn't get a return on investment from it the first time.... then why bother.
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    If you have a month and a half left, the CCNA Security will be extremely difficult unless you have prior experience and the resources for studying. I thought it was a very difficult test, especially since not one source covers all the objectives. If you can afford not to pass and take a shot, go for the CCNA Security. If not, ICND2 may be the more conservative route.
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