Failed ICND1 lol

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My test was scheduled for 3/15/2017 at 12:00pm. I was stuck in a meeting all morning the day before and intended on pushing it off the following week because I felt I was only 50% ready (I slacked this past weekend and didn't do one single practice lab). 12:04pm, I went to reschedule and realized I couldn't (24 hours icon_sad.gif ). So I was committed. Spent the rest of the day and morning running through as much review material that I could (if I had done this extent of studying the past weekend, I would have passed with flying colors). I completed the ICND1 CBTNuggets course that I had been making my way through nice and slow. Ran through a few Transcender exams for practice but was getting by with a 60-72. Failure was inevitable at this point.

Surprisingly, I scored an 804 out of 1000, 823 was passing score. I felt pretty optimistic through the labs. Matter of fact, they were easier than I was expecting. But it was the multiple choice questions that got me.

I have 10 days (9 days now) to study for the next go. I will pass it next time now that I know what the test is like. I will finish Todd Lammle book (made it to chapter 4 lol and have been carrying it around since -_- ) hash out a few more labs, especially regarding NAT and NTP.

It's been awhile since I failed a cert, so it was a nice little reality check. When you start slacking, it cost money lol. Only thing that I do have down to a teeth (as far as ICND 1 standards) is subnetting. Got it down to the teeth. I can literally do it in my head; something that I NEVER THOUGHT WAS POSSIBLE!

Anyway my resources have been CBTNuggets, Transcender (used it for the first time), and real lab equipment. Three 1841's and two 2950's. Started officially studying around beginning of February.

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    I failed this the first time around by 9 points. I was pretty devastated. Came back and passed with 30 to spare. :) You got this.
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    You will pass on the next! Good luck! And keep us posted :D
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    Careful putting even just vague exam details in your posts. It would be a bummer to have cisco get on you about it.

    Anyway, that score is really close! Maybe only 2 questions wrong! Schedule your next year right away and spend $85 on the Boson exams, go through them slowly and read their explanations and you will pass without any issue. The transcender exams were way off topic for the 200-105 exam. I know that the 100-105 version isn't as far off topic, but Boson will virtually guarantee that you have the knowledge you need to pass. With being so close to passing, you will do great!
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