problem with EIGRP configuration

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This is my the very first post in here.

I am a newbie to CCNA I have started learning like 3 months ago... so the question may be funny or at least elementary.

Could anyone tell me what's wrong with the configuration of S0/0/0 R1 and S0/0/0 R2 ?
Those 2 interfaces form adjacency and they lose the adjacency after few seconds.
I have configured as the same values bandwidth and hello-interval.
There is also md5 authentication key which seems to be okay (at least for me)
On S0/0/0 of R1 there's manually configured summary address of 3 loopback interfaces is it the correct summary addresss for:
Lo1 Lo2 and Lo3 ??

Please see the attached screenshots. 99


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    You screenshot did not load. Paste up you compete configuration so we can troubleshoot also if you did it in PT put it in Dropbox or Gdrive with a link here.
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    Woooppss... sorry for that... so hereunder U can see the problem:


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    This has something to do with you setting the hello timers for those interfaces. I quickly tested this in my PT and had the same problem with the hello-timer at >15. It's possible that PT hard codes the dead-timer instead of making it 3 * Hello. Values <15 work fine.

    So instead of
    hello-interval = 30 
    dead-interval = hello-interval * 3
    ---> dead-interval = 90

    It is
    hello-interval = 30 
    dead-interval = 15
    ---> dead-interval = 15

    So the router is telling it's neighbor *always* to expect hello's within 15 seconds or less but it's sending them every 30 seconds causing the connection to flap. icon_cry.gif
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