Got all my study materials and no excuses!

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Hey guys, I am so glad I found this form that has so many helpful and supportive members! I have read through a lot of threads and you guys rock at encouraging people to keep at it and get certified.

I tried a couple years ago to study for the ccent/ccna, but didnt take it seriously and ended up with some wasted time and nothing to show.Recently I realized I needed to get certified to advance my current career and decided to go back to ccent/ccna.

I found CBT nuggets and the videos are great and easy to watch! I am almost done with the course (just got to video 60) and picked up the official cert guide from Odom today. I was going to just grab the 100-105 book but Barnes and Noble had a package deal with the 200-105 book included for 20 bucks more, so $60 for both books, not bad! I also have some lab equipment I bought based on Jeremy's suggestions (from CBT nuggets), but I have found so far that packet tracer is more than enough to get through his examples.

I feel so far that CBT is a great primer to get your head in the right place for the more intense study, he is easy to watch (once you get past his enthusiasm he is actually really fun) and gets the core concepts drilled in. I was able to thumb through the Odom book and was surprised that nothing seemed daunting and I understood the small parts I skimmed.

My goal is to take the test around the end of spring to give me ample time to study, and I hope to pass it first try!
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