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Fount out about linux academy and thoroughly impressed. I dont have much Linux experience, I mean I set a VM with Kali linux running thats about it.

Should I go Linux Essentials > RHCSA Prep Course ? or Linux Essnetials > Linux 1 and 2 > RHCSA Prep Course?
Are people just diving into learning RHCSA and just studying with lots of hands on.


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    Linux Essentials should be your first step. I started with CentOS as my first distro, became proficient with it studying LPIC-1, then pursued RHCSA and eventually RHCE. Having spent a lot of time with just RHEL/CentOS, I can easily use Ubuntu and can quickly pick out the differences between the two distros. My point is....become very familiar with the foundations, use one specific distro for a while until you're comfortable, then start exploring the differences between the distros.

    If you want to stay vendor neutral, the LPIC is the route for you (most startups and smaller businesses use Ubuntu). RHEL is a more corporate centered distro that you'll see at the enterprise level and if you want to go that route, pursue RHCSA.
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    I highly recommend that you forget about that essential course!!! Go and study LPIC-1, after it Red Hat. Consider the costs specially for RedHat.
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    If you have the time, I would start with linux essentials (but, I wouldn't take the linux essentials exam).

    In my personal opinion, it's a good course with solid fundamentals, but I don't think the cert is worth it.

    I would highly recommend getting the LPIC-1 or Linux+ certification. Later on, you may not want to continue down the Red Hat path. Being vendor neutral does have its advantages.

    If you decide not to go down the RHCSA/RHCE, then you can go and take your LPIC-2 exam.

    Best of luck.
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    Red Hat run a series courses that takes you from "I know computers" to RHCSA in two 5 day courses. On that basis, expect to spend at least 80 hours with RHEL before doing the exam. For context, RHCE is another 5 day course.

    If you want a cheaper option, then LinuxAcademy or one of the free options from Cisco/IBM for Linux+ equivalent knowledge, and then another ~40 hours on RHCSA specific tasks.
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