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Hello forum,

New member. Studying for CCNA R&S along with an AS in Network Infrastructure. I found a passion in Cisco systems and networking in general. I figured I would join the forum to gain some helpful information and knowledge.

I have a small home lab I practice on. 3x-2610XM, 2x-2960, and just added 2x3560 to practice PoE and PVLANS. Not the fanciest, but it works!

I'd like to add additional equipment down the road as I am also interested in the Voice and Wireless certs as well.

I love working on the equipment, troubleshooting, and making things work.

Looking forward to talking and learning with you all.




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    Hey Neil. I like your name.

    What exam path are you going for?
    Do you have any study materials ready or are you looking for any advice?
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    Hi Uriah7,

    Thanks, it's a unique name for sure.

    I was starting to get concerned that I broke forum etiquette somehow because I don't see any other member introduction threads here haha.

    My first certification I am working towards is R&S. Wireless is very intriguing, so is Voice, and those are a possibility in the future.

    Part of my AS degree program included 2 semesters of CCNA preparation classes using the Cisco Networking Academy (2 classes each semester, total of 4 overall). They've been very helpful in understanding Cisco from basic configurations and routing protocols to WAN technologies. I'm currently in my last semester for the program, but this semester and the last have been strictly Cisco classes.

    I have some Wendell Odom books that I had read pertaining to an older version of ICND1 (100-101). They still reference RIP, but have great info for OSPF, EIGRP, etc. I also have a Scott Empson CCNA R&S portable command guide that I use during labs and CPT exercises when I get stuck.

    I also have many recent CBT nugget videos that I've been watching when I can, they're very helpful and easy to follow/understand.

    Aside from those few resources, I have my home lab, CPT, and the Cisco Networking Academy has provided me with dozens and dozens of physical lab and CPT practice exercises that I downloaded and pick from when I feel the need for a refresher. I try to take some practice online tests when I can as well.

    I feel like I have learned an incredible amount of information in a very short time span, but still not completely ready to pass the exam. I graduate in May, and would like to sit for the test in June.

    Any and all advice is always appreciated! It's nice to read about other peoples experiences studying and sitting for the exams and relate to them.
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    You seem to be on the right track. My exam path included 4 months of self study for ICND1 and 4 months of self study for ICND2. I come from a computer science background and have switched fields due to the software development field being so frustrating and boring. I used Lammle's books, ITProTV (videos and labs), Boson practice exams and my home lab. It worked out. You may be missing some material without the Boson practice exams. I strongly suggest you use them as neither Lammle nor Odom cover all of the exam objectives that you need to know. Anyway, you seem to have it figured out pretty well. I wish you luck and welcome to the group.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I can't recall ever hearing about Boson exams until I started reading around on this forum, but I see it is highly recommended. I'm going to look into it for my studies.
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