Professionals guys i need your help

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Dear Fellow Professionals

I readily admit that I'm new to the Forensics arena. However it is a field of growing personal interest. I am interested in taking these exams and I was wondering if anyone has taken the CHFI exam and if they could provide study material and experiences.

problem is that i am not able too buy CHFI study staff..Due too
Financial problem ..

can any one help me 4 that.. ...i am really gratfull ... too you ..


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    keatronkeatron Member Posts: 1,213 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Sorry I can't be a lot of help to you. I do have the CHFI material but have only browsed it. However, I can tell you that the forensics field in general can be expensive. Most classes (including CHFI) will lean towards you purchasing packages such as EnCASE (very expensive). From what I've seen, the material does not appear to be much more difficult (degree of knowledge required of the subject matter) than the C|EH. Personally, I think it would be pretty difficult to prepare for this exam without some official material, however I'm certain it's been done before!!!! So it is doable. Good luck.

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