Passed with an 832! + a thank you

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Hi everyone,

I passed Security+ with an 832 this morning! I have never felt so euphoric after a test before in my life. In fact, this is one of the happiest days in my young life. This felt like a culmination of all the certifications I've gotten thus far, and has put my cyber security ambitions within reach.

I first want to express my appreciation towards all of you on these forums. I came here with a bunch of annoying and long-winded questions, and nothing to offer in return. Regardless, you were still willing to give me advice and re-encouragement. You've all changed my life and given me direction when I needed it most. From the bottom of my heart: Thank You.

Anyways, here's my study tips-

Darril Gibson's GCGA premium content website:

Gibson's GCGA website is easily the greatest studying resource I have ever used for a certification exam. His writing style is easy to read, and he breaks up the chapters well. His test bank is 100% reflective of the subject matter covered on the actual exam, unlike many other studying resources which tend to veer off track a lot. Surprisingly, the biggest standout for me was the labs. I usually tackle the labs on these tests blindly, just praying I get something that I can guess through. His labs do a great job preparing you for the actual labs, and most importantly, prepares you for how to think through them.

I also used uCertify and some other websites for practice tests, but honestly, they didn't help me much. If you use Gibson's premium content website and follow his advice, you will be in good hands.

In total, it took me about 2 weeks to prepare for the test, at around 6-8 hours of studying a day. If you have relevant security work experience (I don't), then you could probably shave a little bit off of that.

Anyways, time to party! icon_biggrin.gif
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    Congrats on your pass and your passing score!

    I completely agree with you about Darril Gibson. He's the best of all the CompTIA authors and I regret I didn't read his books when I was studying A+ and Network+.
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    Congrats! Great Score!
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    Congrats mate!
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    congratulations and i wish to pass from this exam at 9/4
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    Congratss!! :D
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    Great job! :D
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