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Has anyone every sold INE rack tokens? I am looking to sell mine. I have 2175 tokens I am not going to use anytime soon since I made the career change (security non-cisco).

Sorry If this post does not belong here, I tried looking up the old "for sale" thread we had going but could not find it tagged anywhere.

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    You should check with them, rumor has it they won't allow transfers anymore but I haven't seen anyone specifically say they were blocked from doing so.
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    I tried to do this not long ago and INE told me that they are no longer allowing it. This is the email I received from INE support:

    Tokens have always been non-transferable per our Terms & Conditions under 'Equipment Rentals & Rack Tokens (, however, we have honored requests in the past on a case by case basis. Within the last few months, token transfers of any kind have been prohibited by management. I have escalated your token transfer request to our Management Team who has denied the request for transfer. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

    And another:

    It is understandable and reasonable that you would think that token transfers are possible. While it has always been INE's policy to not transfer tokens, we have done so in the past and this is common knowledge on the IEOC forums. Please note that this is a big exception and they will not be allowing this in the future.
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