Passed with a 866!!

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First all of I would like to thank everyone on the forum that posted useful studying methods and resources, they proved invaluable on the test. I would like to share some of the things I did to prepare:

1. Read a book
I read Security+ exam guide written by Arthur Conklin and Gregory Whtie. I found the book to be worded oddly at times and very repetitive but it got the job done. Take your own notes and use the practice tests at the end of each chapter as a tool to find what you need to review. I heard Darril Gibsons book is much better but I only read that after my purchase.
2. Watch Professor Messer Videos
I didn't watch all individual video's just the ones on subjects I needed more clarification on. I also enjoyed the study groups and found them to be very helpful in boosting my confidence for the exam.
3. Exam Compass Test Questions
These questions are generic and generally more simplistic than what you find the test but they worked well for me as periodic refreshers.
4. Darril Gibsons Premium Content
This made all the difference for me. The questions are worded similarly to what you would see on the exam and provide detailed information on each answer. The performance questions proved to be very helpful as well. Honestly worth every penny, can't stress this enough!

I reviewed the exam content using the Pomodoro Technique and made sure to eat and hydrate properly before the exam, I believe this helped me. Also if you need some extra motivation, I suggest watching Shannon Briggs video's on instagram. LET's GO CHAMP!!

I'm excited to be done with compTIA's exams (A+, Net+, Sec+) and now on to Ciscoicon_profileright.gif
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