CASP Worthwhile Investment? Also Buyer Beware on Pearson IT CASP Study Guide

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So I work as a sys admin specializing in infosec. I have a Bachelor of Science in the field and my Sec+ certification. I figured the next step in the process was getting the CASP knocked out and thereby renewing my Sec+ certification. I took the test today and failed. I had been averaging 96% on the practice exams and my lowest scores for the chapter tests were 90%. I was using the Pearson IT CASP CAS-002 study guide. Before taking the exam I assumed it would be a more in depth Sec+ focusing on multiple facets of infosec (which is also what the study guide led me to believe). This was completely inaccurate. 85% of the CASP exam was SAN/Data center security questions. This begs me to ask how relevant is the CASP outside of data center employment and would I be better off not re-testing? I was debating going for the CEH instead. The main reason why I chose CASP (besides advancing my knowledge) was to also re-certify on Sec+. That way I could take one re-certification test every 3 years for both. Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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