uCertify for NET+ & SEC+

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Hey guys just posting another "here's what I used, so I hope it works for you" thread. I posted my original thread about the 901 and 902 exams and using uCertify just so others would know the "effectiveness" of their study materials (particularly people who have access through WGU).

In short, I used just uCertify for the Net+ exam. I studied the material for about 2 weeks and felt pretty confident about it so I took the test. I have no experience I just studied hard. I scored a 782 and used all but 10 minutes of my exam to be sure everything was as I thought. The test seemed pretty easy and matched up with what I studied fairly well.

Today, I passed the Sec+ with an 818. This exam was much more difficult than the A+ OR Net+ (both of which I found cake). For this test I used uCertify and Darril Gibsons Sec+ book (I didnt read it just looked at chapter reviews and used the final exam for practice; I will say however, I believe this may be one of the better study materials; seems thorough and easy to understand). Completed materials in a little under 3 weeks. I do not feel like uCert was overly good for this test (scores say diff I guess as I have no xp). It seemed the practice material was all about cryptography which I don't feel like made up that much of the exam. Overall, just make sure you are VERY familiar with concepts for this exam and not just vocab like Net or A+.

All in all, I am just super happy to have these under my belt and I wish the best of luck to all of you!

P.S. I think God had a lot to do with my ability to pass all of these.


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