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Howdy gents,

will be sitting for the CISSP exam in a few months and i am in the process of getting my **** together !

so far ive completed all the CBTNuggets online course through Keith Barker (7/10)

I've been referencing AIO Shon Harris 5th Edition but i understand this covers the old 10 domains and not the new 8.

I actually work as a info security professional for a bank have been doing so for 4yrs, i have my CEH and Security+ and now its time to tackle the beast !

At work we have a subscription to itpro.tv and although ive watched a few videos, its a lot of talking and not as much illustration like CBTNuggets .. wonder if anyone else has bothered with it ??

Anyway since joining this forum i realized i am NOT ready for the exam and ive picked up some really useful tips including the following ;

1. Brainscape for flashcards (do your own or pick from those who have for CISSP)
2. Better get onto Sybex 7th edition
3. Also 11th hr by Conrad
4. The Sybex practice exams (iam not sure is that a book or online subscription ??)
5. Oh and i also hear Kelly from Cyberary is very popular !

I think i need a good solid 3 months.

Cheers !!


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    Falcon56Falcon56 Member Posts: 94 ■■■□□□□□□□
    For the videos, you MUST add Kelly's Cybrary.IT to your study list. The Adam Gordon videos on ITPro.TV are OK but not great. Each video in Adam's series is about 30-35 minutes long. In addition to Kelly's videos, I have been watching the Sari Greene and David Miller videos. I just started watching Miller's for subjects I am struggling with. Both of these are available with the Safari Online subscription.

    I would also strongly recommend they Sybex 7th edition and the Sybex practice tests. The Web site associated with the practice tests is a bit clunky but the questions and their explanations are pretty good. Please remember, I have not taken the exam so someone who has passed can probably provide better insight on the efficiency of the materials.
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    YaraceYarace Registered Users Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    You hit the nail on the head with my ussue with itpro.tv. Definitely too much "entertainment" for me. It just takes too long to complete a topic (at least for CISSP content). Stuck to the books and a selection of Kelly's videos.
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    CE1028CE1028 Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I've been thinking about using these myself. Everyone has different tastes, I personally was thinking about getting it as a supplement, since it is more on the entertainment side. I am hoping it makes ingesting some topics easier
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