IOS for CCNP, CCIE -- 25xx, 26xx & 3620

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Hi guyz, what is the best or latest which suit CCIE or CCNP for 26xx and my 3620 routers?? i planning to buy the best IOS for my home lab, can some1 here recommend me.

By the way, i got a 2522 which is for my FR lab, i oso wondering what is the best IOS for it for CCIE / CCNP home lab....

Thanks in advacne for the best IOS listing for CCIE ! R&S

*What other routers i need to my CCIE R&S home lab?


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    be careful when getting into the 12.3 versions alot of them are ED, LD, DD ( deferred). you should be good using 12.2 enterprise versions before hitting 12.3 i have had quite a few interesting issues with various 12.3 versions.
    2620s are very good and should be able to do most anything with max flash/dram

    However the only 12.3 version i have had no issues with included FW, IDS.. someone that has taken the lab should be able to provide better insite icon_wink.gif K
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