ccna cyber ops or college for cyber security?

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I really want to get into cyber security. Which is the best route to go? school for cyber security or getting my certs in cyber security? Thank you very much.


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    Oh yeah, I have a bachelors in networking communications.
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    If you already have a Bachelor's my opinion is that the CCNA Cyber Ops is the better of those two choices.
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    On a forum called techexams, I think you know what the majority vote will be. :)
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    Since you have a Bachelor's already, I would suggest getting many certifications including Cyber Ops. Once you have some experience in the field, and some base knowledge, perhaps pursue a Master's.

    Two bachelors (or even a bachelor + associate) in related fields is probably not the best use of your time and money.
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    What part of cyber do you want to get into? If it's something hands-on then go the cert route. If it's A&A or management, go the CISSP/Masters route.
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    More hands on. I don't like manage people. I not the manage type.
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