training courses on your resume?

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Does anyone here list their completed training courses on their resume? I have a list of about 10 or so from FedVTE, cybrary, and Skillsoft. Some are for CCSP prep, or securing the network perimeter, stuff that is all relevant. Not sure if I should be listing those on my resume? Obviously I have my actual certs listed but should I list these to show motivation? Thoughts?


  • JasminLandryJasminLandry Member Posts: 601 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I personally wouldn't put them on my resume but I would maybe put them on LinkedIn depending on the course.
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    No, most people in IT have had classes where people treated it as a vacation. Show me what you did with the knowledge.
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    I added only formal training to LinkedIn but not to CV. I don't think Skillsoft or Cybrary training has enough value to be mentioned
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    Yes I would say bring it up in interviews as talking points of skills you've developed on your own to pursue higher levels of employment, but the resume they aren't going to be picking ones with keywords like "skillsoft" and such. When I was a contractor they gave all their employees access to skillsoft to learn microsoft office products or very basic network / security concepts, etc.

    I agree with adding to linkedin though, I'd definitely put it on my linkedin, but resume I don't see it doing you much good.
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    I would not unless absolutely desperate for some kind of resume padding. If anything, list significant/impressive projects I was a part of. Many online website-based trainings are a joke IMHO because there is no control in place for just gaming the system. Easy to just click-click-click to the end, screenshot/retake the 10 question quiz until passing, and then print out a cert that doesn't carry weight with anyone but perhaps a corporate/HR mandate.
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    I would remove FedVTE, cybrary, and Skillsoft unless they specifically ask for that in a job. Boot camps for technical training are ok such as SANS or Penetration Testing with Kali because they are highly regarded classes.
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    Sounds I did have them on there but now i am getting too many and started re-thinking it. I did print out the certificates and have them in a leather binder I take to interviews so if it comes up I can just talk about those or show them if they ask. One interview was very impressed with all of the self study I was doing. I was told I was at the top of their list but they had one more to interview. Well that dropped me to I didn't get it.
  • VeritiesVerities Member Posts: 1,162
    If you didn't have experience in IT and were just starting out then yes, it would be beneficial for you to put courses on your res in lieu of experience. However, due to your list of certs/education I don't think it would benefit you and may actually hinder job prospects.
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