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Here's my situation: I just completed a 6 month cisco netacad course that was pretty much a self study course. I had a router to work with every once in a while but I know that I need much more practice with all of the commands and different situations that I know I'll be tested on when test time comes around. Furthermore, at the end of my cisco course, the opportunity for me to enroll in a completely free msce course presented itself; I couldn't resist. So here I am now in an MCSE course, getting ready to take 2000 next week, and simultaneously studying for the CCNA. Now I'm actually doing alright, but are there any suggestions as to what material I can use for both router practice and CCNA refreshing in a months time?


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    If you 'just' want to practice the commands and the most common configurations I suggest www.routersim.com or the simulator at www.boson.com.

    If you are a fast reader, you might want to buy a text book (Cisco Press Todd Lammle) also, but most important is take all the practice exams you can get your hands on.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.
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    ceemantic wrote:
    So here I am now in an MCSE course, getting ready to take 2000 next week, and simultaneously studying for the CCNA.

    I tried to study both at the same time....BRAIN MELTDOWN!!
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    thanks for the responses, I hope things work out well too. After reading about how hard this test is had me thinking if I could still do it. If I pass, great, if I fail, oh well. But lets focus on passing.
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    First it don't take 6 months study to PASS CCNA from mypoint of view.

    Relax. 6 months study definitly help you, but you must know the material and study all exam objective. subnet, protocol and routing are the killer topic for CCNA. So study hard... GOOD LUCK

    Free MCSE course!!! WHOW!!! how did u get it? For how long?
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    I just finished the CCNA academy course last month and started on my route to MCSE, and found that I wasn't doing well studying for my CCNA certification and working on LAN. My certification test will be on the 28th of Aug.
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