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I just did the 20 question quiz on this site and got 70%

On the Network+ Objectives it states:

Identify the well-known ports associated with the following commonly used services and protocols:
20 FTP
21 FTP
22 SSH
23 Telnet
53 DNS
110 POP3
119 NNTP
123 NTP
143 IMAP4

My question is, will the Network+ test ask for other ports such as > WINS, L2TP(as in pratice test here) etc... or will it only ask for the ones on the list from the objectives that i've listed above?


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    JuddJudd Member Posts: 132
    Always stick to what the objectives state for CompTIA tests, so yes, these are the ports to concentrate on, but don't be surprised if you see different on the tests, that's just the way it goes with certification.
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    OpenSourceOpenSource Member Posts: 135
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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I've got these 13 ports memorized so i think I'll just stick with them(for this exam atleast) and use the rest of my memory for other things such as fiber optic max cable lengths/speeds and what command line switches do what in different tcpip utilities.

    Besides, just having these 13 ports helps guess other ports i don't know if it is multiple choice as three of the possible answers are likely to be from these 13. Process of elimination.
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    Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    IMO I would have to say in regards to the Network+ exam it is more important to know the ports, tcpip utilities/command line switches than it is to know the fiber lengths and speeds....

    I'm not saying you shouldnt know the fiber stuff I'm just saying that in regards to the network+ exam you are probably more likely to see more questions deailing with the other things.

    Maybe some disagree with me here but I'm just going off of my experience which from what I remember there were a lot of troubleshooting questions.... Not sure if I even remember seeing a fiber cable question or not on my exam.....
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    gabrielbtoledogabrielbtoledo Member Posts: 217
    I took the test last Saturday and I had only 3 questions about ports.
    But different tests have different banks. So yours might be different.
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