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Hi guys,

I'm planning on going for Linux+ before the end of May. I've already been accepted with a company for an IT internship program, but roles within that program are handed out in a few weeks, and the actual job starts in the summer. I have the opportunity to update my resume 1 more time before they look at them to make determinations on who gets what role.

I already have all these certs...but I want to really make myself the undisputed golden candidate for the security analyst role. I don't have any hard networking experience, so I need to compensate for that in this area.

This company makes use of Alienvault for their security. I understand that is Linux CLI intensive.

I figure I will learn a lot of valuable skills from studying for Linux+, but I don't have enough time to go for the exam in a couple weeks. I will make sure to get it before the actual job starts though, so I will have the skills needed for that job.

What can I put on my resume now regarding Linux that will maximize my chances of getting that role while not outright lying? I've heard in the past that saying "working on X certification, hope to have by X date" is a big mistake, but I wanted to get your opinions.

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    If you know Linux, say that you know Linux. If you don't, don't put anything. Don't put that you are "working on Linux+."

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    Hey good luck getting the role you want! Shows how well your certs are treating you.

    Do not put this under your certifications. And do not put any expected date either. I would just have that future dates for soemthing like a degree in progress. Certs in progress have no accountability. Schooling is more concrete, hence the future date working out.

    what I have on my resume is under the summary section is "Currently pursuing MCSA: Windows Server 2012."

    I used to do the whole future date thing like you mentioned, but it adds too much obligation and stress to you as an employee.
    My method shows the interest without giving false expectations.

    On a side note, in IT it is common to set the bar low and come through a superhero, than to give false hope to others.
    For example, with IT Projects, a CIO has to get executive buy in from people like the CEO, CFO, dept managers and all others involved/affected. A CIO, who's IT dept can come through within the time frame and budget is seen as trustworthy and someone who brings value attainment to the financial investments they requested. I think around 70% of projects go over budget and time with improper planning and the CIO would then be seen as untrustworthy or someone who doesn't align technology with core business goals. The same can be said about any job in IT really as well as something as simple as a resume which is pretty much an advertisement for you. Its all about honesty, commitment and trust.

    Good luck
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