Passed 70-533 Today

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I passed the 70-533 Implementing Azure certification today. I didn't prepare at all like I typically would, life has been way too hectic to really focus. I watched the Linux Academy videos and purchased this azure booster pack . $99 dollars gets you a voucher, a second shot, and a measureup practice test. That practice test was decent.

There is free ebook here, Fundamentals of Azure. It is very good to familiarize yourself with the services. It goes deeper than I expected in a free fundamentals book.

As for the test, there were drag and drop, drop down, and multiple choice. Some questions wouldn't allow you to review or go backward. The domains felt fairly well balanced but it is very PowerShell heavy. If you don't know PowerShell you will need to learn it. The Linux Academy videos and their practice quizzes do a good job familiarizing you with the Azure PowerShell module.

If you haven't already, sign up for the free Visual Studio Dev Essentials. https://www.visualstudio.com/dev-essentials This gives you 3 months of Linux Academy, 3 months of Plural Sight, and $25 per month for a year Azure credit. That's more than enough to play with Web Apps, VMs, Cloud Services, storage, etc.

If you don't have any cloud knowledge at all I wouldn't rely on only these sources. I have a lot of AWS experience so the concepts weren't extremely foreign to me. I also use PowerCLI often and picked up on the parameters.
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