Nexus HSRP Question

dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
I have a query on the above configuration:

interface Vlan921
description ABC
no shutdown
mtu 9216
no ip redirects
ip address
ip address secondary
ip router ospf 1 area
hsrp 123
preempt delay minimum 30
priority 95
timers 1 3
hsrp 456
preempt delay minimum 30
priority 115
timers 1 3

1. Why does the primary ip address and secondary ip address have different subnet mask?
2. Why are there 2 different hsrp configured on the same vlan with 2 different subnet range?


  • sschwietermansschwieterman Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□
    The two different HSRP groups are configured as a sort of load balancer. There is more explained about this configuration in the CCNP Switch course. Basically, this router is active for group 456 and will receive all traffic for the subnet, while being standby for group 123. Your other paired router will act opposite of that, standby for group 456 and active for group 123, receiving all traffic for the subnet. It's not true load balancing, but stops a single router from handling all traffic for its connected SVIs.

    Not sure what's going on with the secondary IP with the different mask.
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