passed 300-115

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Finally took and passed the 300-115 CCNP switch. After procrastinating starting and stopping studying between the route and switch for about 2 years. I finally dedicated 5 weeks to study up on it and pass it. The material wasn't anything that new since I work with this everyday I found it more of a refresher.

Materials used
Skillsoft CCNP Switch
<I feel like I went to a bootcamp and it went over just about everything>
Live lessons ccnp switch
<gave a quick overview on topics that kept putting me to sleep e.g MST, GLBP>
<It went over just about everything you needed to know but anything that it dedicated a paragraph to I read up on elsewhere>
Chris Bryant CCNP switch
<read and took my notes a year ago just reviewed it to get me up to speed much quicker>
How to master ccnp switch
<skimmed some parts when I was looking for an alternative explanation>
Cisco docs on topics I felt the OCG lightly grazed

Labbed with
GNS3 iosvl2 and iosv
3 3750, 1 3560
CCNP 101 labs

All I could say is that when a video or book gives a quick overview on a topic and says "don't worry don't need to know more about this" I suggest reading up on it lol. The test had some errors with the simlets so I had to answer with the most logical answer even though based on what was shown it was the wrong answer so I wasn't to happy about that. Month of April I'm going to dedicate to CCNA DC then CCNP Route in May/June.


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    Congratulations. Fairly tough exam imo.
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    Thanks. Never said I found it easy lol. Thankfully due to my daily exposure at work I already had a background in most of the topics so it wasn't to bad. Its a fair exam but the simlets are terrible with errors.
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    Congratulations ! :) It's a tough but nice exam overall.
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    Congrats and same with ROUTE, when they say it's beyond the scope of CCNP, it's 2-3 years old so familiarizing with at least a quick IOS help glance is a good idea.

    I try ROUTE attempt #2 Friday, glad to see your pass bro :)
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    You and people interested in dumping need to learn it is never about the certification it is about learning the material and getting your skills to that level. Thats what people care about!
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    **** aren't a solution indeed. It doesn't help to get certs if you don't know **** about what you just passed^^ I think it's just a good way to get familiar with the question way of writing. It's useful for non english native speakers like I am. But of course, we must master the technologies!
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    Or you could just take the test without using **** and just retake the test if you fail. Using **** for any reason is cheating, but whatever floats your boat and makes you sleep better at night.
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    Congrats man and well done!
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