I feel like its to late to switch majors.

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I earned a AAB degree in IT from Antonelli college, the instructor sat on her ass and never spoke to the students or instructed the 3 students that were in the class with me. Our training was all based on Testout.com I was not a fan of going through it at all. So my goal was to obtain an BS in computer networking, so i had to start over again at a junior college and obtain an AAS in computer networking which would transfer to the University near me. Thus far i have learned a great deal more, but i still feel that i am worthless in this field, i know how to subnet, and i can enable hyper v and set up a virtual server, but in this im not at a professional level cause iv only done it about 10 or 15 times, not allot. The server class i am in i have learned allot. But my Cisco routing and switching class was all netacade based, most of the students just sit down and wait for the class to end cause the material introduced in netacade is all theory, no hands on, so everything we were lectured on like the OSI model we couldn't repeat in order today to save our lives or even give an example of how its used on a daily bases. I know im no programmer, iv always sucked at any programming language that has been introduced to me, i passed and to this day cant remember or really even know how to produce anything to do with programming. I am in my last semester right now and i am not fond of Linux server, mainly because i suck at it. I know there is a difference between the classroom and the real world. I am a prior service vet, and sucked at learning the course material through training and testing, but once i had my boots on the ground i learned and thrived in my work environment. I don't enjoy the fact that im posting on this page, makes me feel like im a man that cant figure out what to do with my life, because in the past in the Army i always knew what to do and how to do it. But now im approaching the completion of my second IT/networking degree and keep telling myself that it will all get better once i transfer to a University, more fun, more everything. But right now im not enjoying the field because im basically worthless, if someone asked me to build a network i wouldn't even know ware to start, i know that sad for a net worker, one that even has two AA degrees in the field.


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    Start practicing and labbing at home. You can create a virtual test environment at home for free using virtual box, same thing about learninv linux and Windows server configurations.

    If you are a person who learns from getting your hands dirty then you need to practice hands on so things can start to sink in.

    People don't finish collegw knowing how to do everything, they learn it. You might be a little too harsh on yourself.
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    The stuff you learn in college doesn't really prepare you for the real world. No matter what. If you were a Computer Science student at Harvard, you would still be woefully under-prepared for a job at any IT company. 1 year of experience is worth more than 4 years of training. Like you said, you thrived in your environment once you became acclimated to it. My advice would be to get a job/internship. Your vet status and prior educational experience will help you on that front. If you stumble into the job not knowing exactly how to do everything, then join the club, that's most people. You will learn with time.
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    Sounds like school just isn't your thing. If hands on experience is what you need, finish your AAS degree and find a job instead of transferring to a university. Work in the field for a year or two then revisit the university idea.
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