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One of their sales people called me yesterday. He's offering the 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412 for $350. Is this a waste of time? Is their product any good?

Admittedly I can spend ~$100 on study materials for one exam alone so I'm curious if you could consider their test products to be comprehensive or if I'll still need additional study materials.

I tried to search for previous topics around this company but they all seemed to be more than a few years old- and not altogether flattering. Have they changed?

All insights welcome, thanks!


  • Fulcrum45Fulcrum45 Member Posts: 605 ■■■■■□□□□□
    No one? They must not be all that popular :D
  • ElGato127ElGato127 Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
    They called me this morning bugging me about a CCNA study package. 300 for not sure what. For that price I can start building a lab and check out books from the library
  • Fulcrum45Fulcrum45 Member Posts: 605 ■■■■■□□□□□
    They called me again and I told him to forget it. If no one on TE has any real experience with their products than that told me everything I needed to know. Money is tight so I cant waste it on unknown study materials. The sales guy got really pushy when he realized I wasn't going for it preceded to tell me that someone with my certs should be making six figures- "You can't swing $100?" That put an end to the phone call.
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    Wow, Exam Force sounds like they have great customer service!! ugh

    I think I have heard of them before. I would never try them though, if that's the way they treat potential customers.

    Yo should checkout IT Pro TV, Plural sight, CBT Nuggets, and Testout. These companies have a known good reputation here at TE
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  • ElGato127ElGato127 Member Posts: 130 ■■■□□□□□□□
    My experience with them wasn't much better than Fulcrum's. Right after I got my A+ some sales rep spent a half hour trying to talk me out of going for Net+ and Sec+ next, and instead into some phone support certification I haven't heard of before or since. Pretty ridiculous call then, only slightly better today. Fulcrum, I save a bundle on cert guides by finding them at the library. You may even look into your state library.
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