Why is wordpress so f3@$ed up

pearljampearljam Member Posts: 134
I typed everything I was going to put in my blog on wordpad (don't have office) copied and pasted it in there and the formatting is completely terrible. I then deleted it and couldn't hit tab to indent or if I hit enter it would go down two lines. Does anyone else have problems like this?


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    Oh, not the post I was expecting... I thought it was going to be why do they constantly get p'wned :O thats because most users fail to keep it updated. Cant offer any thoughts on how its supposed to work as designed
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    Because it's a website and not a word processor? Really though, there are some decent visual editors for WP, as everything involving WP, be careful with the plugins you load.
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    Open Live Writer is a good desktop application for Wordpress. It's based on Microsoft's Live Writer, but went open source.

    Sometimes, if I'm writing a long post, I'll copy/paste it and the formatting is ****** up. But, I have to just go in and fix it. Added step, but I'm not shocked by it. I'm not using it as it was intended.

    Try Notepad. It's just raw text and no formatting so it might copy/paste better.
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    If all you're using is WordPad for Office-type stuff consider downloading LibreOffice. It's free.
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    I do everything in plain HTML for wordpress and it works fine for me.
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