2017 Security + exam pointers?

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Hey I need to take my sec+ in the next couple of months and was wondering how to pick what materiel to study with. These tests are updated periodically, I think, so what books and software publication dates should I look at? for instance if the last time it was changed was 2014 then I could use anything published from 2014 on.

And if anyone knows of the best resources, please let me know. I prefer interactive with a lot of practice questions, I don't learn well from just reading a textbook. I saw the practice exams on this site but I'm sure they aren't designed to be the sole practice. Ideally I won't have to do a paid subscription, would prefer free or one time payment, like a textbook with attached software.



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    The new version of security+ wont' be out until October, so anything for SY0-401 should be relatively current and useful.
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    ultm8mindultm8mind Member Posts: 111
    I'd say take SYO401 before they come out with the next version since there are already study materials in place for it. I used GCGA Premium Content and knocked out studying and testing over a couple weeks over the holidays. So, you can tell how seriously I really took it, but I listened to the audio even when I was asleep and actually understood it more. Enjoy studying and know the stuff and not just memorize questions!
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    rcl0404rcl0404 Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Great, thanks for the info. Ill make sure to take practice tests from multiple sources. In terms of studying ports, ive studied this list:
    Security+ Ports - Get Certified Get Ahead
    I know the acryonym's meaning, what and port each is on but do I need to know whether it's TCP vs UDP or both? Would you add any ports? I think NetBIOS needs to be in there too.
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