Raspberry Pi VPN server *What are your thoughts**

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A family member of mine asked if I could research research a Raspberry Pi to see if it's something they could get there son.
In doing my research I have become hooked on this $35.00 small computer and recently got one and started to watch YouTube video's on what people are doing with their Raspberry PI's . After watching a few video's I decided to do a VPN server with my Raspberry Pi 3. Hak5 on you tube has one where I could follow along a build a VPN server from scratch. I'm starting to get a-little overwhelmed with all the different things you can do on a Raspberry Pi. My question is do any of you have any feedback or little pieces of information that may not be documented when you first started using the Pi or doing projects that you wished you had know from the start ??

In addition, I have seen like 10 video's on doing a VPN and would love any personal feedback on this subject if you have already created your own VPN server on a Pie . Tips are welcome. I've updated my Pi's OS and installed openvpn, I had to stop because it was late and I won't be able to continue on this until tomorrow to try to finish this up.

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    I've never tried a VPN server with one but I am underwhelmed at the real-world bandwidth throughput of Raspberry Pis, at least as setup on my nothing-special home network. I just mean general upload/download speeds are mediocre when run through ethernet and even worse over WiFi in my experience. I'd be concerned about the Pi being a network bottleneck.

    I have a third one on the way in the mail which I intend to bring to work. Perhaps it's something with my home network setup--will have to experiment and see.
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    I have a 3 I haven't done anything with yet, but I used my 2 as a media center. It was sluggish, but I had no issues streaming content on it. Project wise I haven't done much, but will eventually as I think I am going to use it as my platform for Software Defined Radio and MASINT. Before I left my old job we were working with a 9 dollar computer (getchip.com) to interface with a Teddy Ruxpin. Sadly we didn't finish, but I expect to see it completed at some point.
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