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I have a question for all of the people that have so many certs ccna, mcse, mcsa how do you keep all of these different technologies straight in your head is there a common thread that connects them all-- it's very impressive? I am like this just from studying for the network+: shock:


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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    I don't have that many certs, but I know for those who do, they have a connection, as one may lead to another. Also, M$ are for life, so one may start there, and then go Cisco, which just equals more certs. It's also a crapload of dedication. Take one of our Moderators, Tent96 for example....the guy has so many, it's like reading the alphabet a few times. But he didn't just go get them. I'm sure he put countless hours into earning them, and once you have that kind of dedication, you want to keep getting them, maybe as a test to themselves, see how much they can learn, not nesscessarily earn, although that plays a part as well I'm sure.
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    gabrielbtoledogabrielbtoledo Member Posts: 217
    Well I don't have many YET, but I'm planning to have as many as possible.
    In my case, the key is my degree. In 2 more weeks I will be done with school and graduating with a A.S. degree in Networking Services Technology.
    The main reason I decided to go with that degree (besides liking networking) was what is covered with that specific degree.
    1-Microsoft classes (MCSA)
    2-Cisco classes (CCNA)
    3-A+ classes (A+)
    4-Linux classes (no specific cert)

    Plus all the thirst for knowledge I have made me study things that are not even related to my degree. So I got a very good vast knowledge on all the certs I want to have it. Now, I just need to practice what I've learned and take the exams. 2 down and studying for my CCNA and MCSA right now. But the thing is, I won't stop after I got those certs, since I want to be a professionla security guy, I will need a load of more certs to improve my skills.
    Good luck to you.
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