Server 2016 MCSA Upgrade (70-743) Study Guide with Links

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It's a shame that there isn't a Server 2016 forum yet, so I'll just post my study notes here. The attachment at the bottom of this post includes nearly 30 pages of notes that I gathered by going through the material listed below. I put quite a lot of work into it so I hope others find it helpful!

I just got back from taking the 70-743 test which I was lucky enough to pass! Sometimes when I finish a test I think about how I would have studied differently if I had to do it all over again but this time around I think I focused on a lot of the correct material. I'll say that the MeasureUp test is definitely worth it! I think that a couple of the concepts used in that test appear in almost an identical way on the actual test.

Also, I wanted to say that I was surprised that the test is NOT broken up into three parts like the 70-417 was. It is just one big 59 question long test. On the print out at the end it is broken up into the three tests, but you don't get a pass/fail for each one individually. Also, my test started out with six questions that I was not able to go back and change my answers on. I didn't realize this was going to happen and felt like I rushed through them a bit faster than I would have if I had realized this. Might be worth keeping in mind.

70-743 Skills Measured:
Microsoft Press book:
Server 2016 videos: – Top 10 Server 2016 features – What’s new in Server 2016 – Remotely Managing Nano Server – 20 better ways to perform Server admin using PowerShell (Pretty basic) – Hyper-V & Clustering – Containers – Microsoft Ignite AD FS – Microsoft Ignite 70-740 – Microsoft Ignite 70-741 – Microsoft Ignite 70-742 – Very short Storage Replica video - Longer Storage Replica video (because Storage Replica rocks!) - Data Deduplication (Server 2012 but still very helpful) - Software Defined Networking (IPAM, Network Controller, Software Load Balancer, Datacenter Firewall) - Configure IPAM - DNSSEC - Cluster Aware Updating (Server 2012 again, still good) - Way more than you’ll ever want to know about Hello for Business (formerly Windows Passport) – Misc training videos
Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)!prod=Windows%20Server&prodv=Windows%20Server%202016&lang=1033
Study guide:
exam 70-743, studyguide 70-743 | Marius Sandbu
Practice test:
Microsoft Certified Official Practice Test 70-743 (beta): Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016 | mindhub
Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016
Booster pack:


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    Thanks for posting this, I'm currently studying for this after a bit of a certification break (server 2008 was my last set of exams) and although I'm a server admin and use 2012/2016 on a daily basis I didn't realise how many gaps there were in my knowledge...not that I'll use most of these new found skills on a regular basis and when I do need them I'll just refer to Technet. The fact that you know you 'can' implement these functions I find the most rewarding element of study when it comes to practical application.

    How did you find the exam? I'm trying to squeeze a couple of hours a day of study in using MS Press Books and (which I find a bit weak for this subject matter) and labs. Only halfway through the 70-740 materials and feel like each Powershell command I learn pushes another from my memory...
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    I feel the same way jackfeet. When I study for a certification I like that I learn about different aspects of technologies even if I won't commonly use them in the future. If the occasion does come along where I can implement one of these then it is nice having already learned a bit about them.

    I found the exam to be fair in the types of definitions, techniques, and features that you have to know in order to pass the test. There was only one question that I came across that asked about a feature that I wasn't aware of. The questions were quite difficult though. You are allotted about 3 minutes per question and it takes about that long to go through some of these. As I mentioned in my first post, the part of the test that threw me the most was after I realized that the first few questions were not ones that I'd be able to go back and review. I would have taken more time on them had I known that was the case.
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    Thanks for the study guide and notes, great material !!!!
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