Sec+ in two days

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Hey everyone, I have been studying for my sec+ for about a month and a half so far. Read through Gibson's book have also read through the ucertify and have been getting mid 80's on practice tests in there. Have been getting around the same on Gibsons practice tests. Just getting a little nervous with less than two days to go. I also watched a few plurlsight and cbtnugget videos on the stuff I was having issues with comprehending. Any additional insight on what I should be studying or just keep hammering out what I am doing?


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    Mid 80s on ucertify and Gibsons tests? Hmm, might be cutting it close when it comes to the real thing. My advice is use the tests to identify anything your weak at and brush up on it. Try to learn your port numbers too because there easy points.
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    Yeah that is kind of what I have been doing. I finished all of my ucertify tests with an 87 on the last one. My low area is cryptography which is only consists of 12% of the score so guess I will plan on just taking it and not rescheduling. I was debating on rescheduling it for a little more time I have a whole day to study still so will just work on my weak points from my practice test and will be posting a passing score monday!
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    I passed and didn't study that much

    I took a chance by going to the exam unprepared and didn't even finish reading the sec+ book. I ended up passing either way and this is most likely due to my experience in the field and understanding how cert/exams work. I wouldn't recommend doing this though, since not every is familiar with the material.

    Payed for Sec+ cert
    I didn't finish reading the book, and just went to take the test
    Figured I would fail; however, passed with a good score
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