Eligibility App question, just started new job.

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I'm looking to take this exam in 2 weeks, I have the Eligibility App, and it asks for my current boss, time at current job, and sec exp in current job. I have only been here for 5 months, I have 6 years of infrastructure support 3 HD, and 3 as SysAdmin. Should I give them my current bosses info? or My old supervisor's info, who I worked for for 5 and a half years.

Any input is appreciated.


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    You should be able to give your current boss because they just want to verify you aren't an entry level employee. I would also talk to your boss and give them your resume.
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    Great, did just that, now comes the waiting.
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    Make sure you follow up with your boss to make sure he/she gets the verification within a week or so and if not...follow up with EC-Council. I know when I was going through the process, the email filter kept deleting the attachment in the work email so we had to switch to a personal email but overall I think it was a 1.5-2 weeks process because of the delayed response with the support coming from Malaysia.
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    Yeah, I originally provided a gmail, as we are @mil and i was pretty sure it would get flagged. They sent me back an email saying they don't accept gmail, yahoo, etc... so i provided the @mil and it was recieved today. Hopefully I'll get my voucher soon.

    Thabks for the info.
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    No worries, they just want your money. The quality of your application probably won't matter much; I've never heard of anybody getting denied. Quite a strong vetting practice to make sure people don't use the superpowers they learn via CEH to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!
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