CISA working experience?

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Dear All,

I`m interesting in learning and acquiring the CISA certificate. But I`m little confused about working experience requirements. I need to be sure how much I fulfill this requirement in order to assess whether to learn for this exam or not. I read what they say about 5 years of IT experience, where some things could be waivers for maximum 3 years, therefore 2 years would be IT minimum. Do someone knows is there any official way how to confirm how many years my current experience satisfy their requirements? I need that before I decide whether to apply to the exam.

I have bachelor degree in Economics, therefore it could be waiver for 2 years, and I don`t know if my 10 year experience in banking sector satisfy their IT specific experience, since I had lot of internal audit engagements regarding the IT (data quality, IT vendor management, change management, business continuity, etc). Is there any way how to check it and receive official confirmation?

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    I forget to mention that my 10 years in banking industry relates to work as internal auditor.
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    Check your experience against the CISA Job practice Areas / Domains.

    Job Practice Areas 2016

    If you can check some of the boxes then you should be fine.

    Also, Download, read and understand the ISACA Exam Candidate Information guide.

    How to Become CISA Certified
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    Thank you. I check all of this, and I can mark some thick-marks for sure. Should we have tasks from each Domain for satisfying the requirement, or is there some necessary minimum number of tasks in a whole? And to prove it, it is enough confirmation statement of our supervisor on those tasks?
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    mmajstor wrote: »
    I forget to mention that my 10 years in banking industry relates to work as internal auditor.

    I can tell you that when I took the CISA exam I was the only one in about 7-8 guys who had IT background. The rest of the guys were taking the CISM and, I'm imagining, all of them IT experience. There were about 19 of us half CISM and half CISA. They were complaining about not understanding encryption and why do they ask about that on the exam :). I think one of them was a CPA lol, so go figure.
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