free-tests.com 82% is this ok?

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I got 82% on my first try(all 100 questions all new to me). Please note that i had not seen any of these questions before and i'd probably do better the more times i do it.

This test seemed really easy. Not a single question on fiber optic cable lengths/connectors, or sonnet or oc levels.

I ask for opinions again:

Can someone that passed network+ tell me what they got on the free-tests.com test? I'd like to know if this is a good enough score to schedual my exam in three days if i keep studying the stuff i don't know too well.

Thanks for more input.


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    I consistently got in the low 80s/ high 70s on internet practice tests and passed the Net+ yesterday with a 644. So, I would suggest you study more just to be safe.
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    I just wanted to point out that free-tests.com practice tests are really easy compared to the real thing. I think it's great that they offer free tests and all, but I found the Microsoft questions especially really easy and nothing remotely like the real exam format or difficulty.

    Get a demo from Transcender and see how you do to really judge how ready you are or not.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah, the free-test.com test did seem really easy. It's good to hear other peoples opinions of this.

    I don't have windows on my computer(only Linux) but i downloaded the trancender demo engine and it seems to run fine using WINE(windows emulator) but then another problem came up. I tried to download the Network+ demo from their website and it said file not found. Maybe i'll wait for them to fix this. Or just send them an email to let them know the link is broken.

    Thanks for the input agian.


    I tried out the 60 question exam here and got 88%, but this exam seemed a little easy too? It would be nice if i could see an actual old comptia exam so i would actually see what i would be up against.
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    Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    Pretty much every practice exam I took seemed easier than the real thing honestly. That's not to say the practices exams didnt help me though....

    I did actually learn quite a bit from the practice exams though. It is very good to take practice exams to learn from and to get into the testing mode.
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    I felt the practice exams from here, free-tests, mcmcse, and the cd's that came with my books helped a lot to pass the A+. If you are a good test taker I think the practice tests were comparable to the real thing and in some ways a little harder.

    On both of my A+ tests I got questions that said "Pick the two best answers" and on the practice tests they usually said "Choose all that apply". To me the choose all that apply questions are the hardest to answer because you have no idea of how many to pick unless you definitely know what you're talking about. I'm not saying there are no "Choose all that apply" questions, but I didn't get any on either of mine.

    I'm using the Sybex book and I've also looked over the tech notes and they are well done and to the point. I'd suggest to read over the technotes the day of the test for a good summary of what you'll likely see. The biggest test tip I can give for any test is take your time and read the questions slowly. When I see the answer is "A" I automatically reread the question and look at all the answers to see if it is a trick question. They give you plenty of time for a reason so use it.

    I'll give a review of the Network+ test when I take it (hopefully within the week). Good luck with your test.
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    draineydrainey Member Posts: 261
    I've never used free-tests.com but I really like SelfTestSoftware.com --especially for MS exams. They are owned and operated by Kaplan. As with Trancender their tests are fairly difficult and a reasonably good indicator of how you can expect to do on the real test. What I like most about them is they feel like a real exam so when I get to the test center it's like loging on to a practice test at home. Same kind of questions and the same kind of format. No surprises.

    That said the more information you are exposed to the better off you are. So even easy tests can be beneficial as long as you recognize that they are not up to the level your real test will be at.
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    That free test exam is for test #N10-002 which is the old net+ test, the new test is N10-003. Alot of the info is the same but there is material chnges from one test to the other. I think you can find the updated changes at comptia. I consistantly score 90s on those tests as i did for A+. I like to use the easy tests as flash cards more than a measuring stick of how well im prepared for the test
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