Rene Molenaar

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Anyone who's read his books, are they any good?


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    Go to Amazon or GNS3vault. They have a preview of the books but GNS3vault has the best preview.
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    Its a good for an easy explanation on how stuff works. Do not depend on it solely to pass because it does not go over everything. I used his switch book when I needed a different explanation on how some things worked for things that I could find a good explanation.
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    One other thing those book are for the V2 exam but it does cover most of the current exam.
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    DCD wrote: »
    One other thing those book are for the V2 exam but it does cover most of the current exam.

    Aren't the current exams in v2?
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    I think it is v2 as the current exam, but it gets updates, not sure if that constitutes the version increasing as I can't find official Cisco documentation.

    I'd suggest starting with the easier materials to absorb, it makes reading more technical explanations much more fluent, as you already have a pretty good idea on the topic you are reading.

    I always use two different sources from my past CCNA studies across all 3 topics, to my current CCNP ROUTE studying, though I'm not sure I'd call any material I've come across for ROUTE "easy" :)
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    I am using the 4 test version of the CCNP as version 1 (642-8xxx) and the 3 test version as 2 (642-9xx) and the current test as version 3 (300-xxx). It not official.
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    That is an excellent way to look at it, I hadn't considered the change from 642-x to 300-x while still remaining ROUTE / SWITCH / TSHOOT.

    Thank you for sharing that sir!
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