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Hello everyone,

I m going to start studying for Sec+ this week and I am looking into getting it done in next two months.

I ordered Darril Gibson's Sec+ book, which should arrive next few days.
I have bought his Sec+ mobile app.
Going to use Comptia Objectives + Professor Messer's free videos.

I used Mike Meyer for A+ and Net+ so this will be new to me, but I notice everyone rates Gibson for the Sec+ as the best source so I am hoping the change in read won't affect my study anyhow.

Anything else you could suggest ?


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    Getting it done in 2 months? Heh, you make me feel very slow when it comes to study =P

    When I started getting certified I went with Mike Mayers for A+ and thought he was fine. Also got his N+ book and started to realise he really wasn't the best writer. At least for me he wasn't, it's all about finding an aurthor who breaks down things in a way you can understand best. Out of 3 different Certification aurthors I've found Darril Gibson to be the best so far. I actually wish I'd read his A+ and N+ books just because I would have learned even more under him.

    I can't say how you'll find Darril, I personnally love his writing style. But my advice to you is to get 2 test platforms when you come to the practice tests. I had been doing Darril's tests for a week then switched to Boson exams and suddenly my 90%+ marks dropped to 70-80%. There are just some things that aren't covered in his tests which made me stumble and had to revise on after I encountered them.
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    I think that should be enough for you to pass. When I did it back in 2013, all I used was Darril Gibson's book and that's it. I'm not sure if the material has changed since though.
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    I'd suggest spending the $10 and getting Professor Messer's Sec+ notes. I got these and laminated them, they've found a special spot in my desk-reference handbook. I mean, actually, all of his notes have... but that's beside the point. :)
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    lol great, I'll consider that

    Nik don't worry, I feel slow too lol ... there's people knocking these things in 2 weeks and so. I guess it all depends of how much people know beforehand
  • ultm8mindultm8mind Member Posts: 111
    Get Gibsons GCGA Premium Content from the site, if you haven't. That plus your above stated should be all you need.
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