Racks setup for non standard equipments

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hello , [ i don't know if it's the right place to post , so feel free to move it if necessary ] icon_redface.gif

Spring time is coming so , i managed to get some racks (Startech - RK120D) ;

- one of them is already full with all my c3750 switches.
- but i still have to install a Cisco 891w and some juniper SRX210h in the 2nd rack.
- some others routers/switches (Ubiquity , tp-link ,..) inside a third one.

so first, i am looking for a "cheap solution(s)" to install the c891w and SRX210 side by side on a 19 pouces rack.
that's raise others questions :do you buy special equipment(s) ,do you build them ,how do you deal with equipment that don't fit the rack standard ?

thank you for yours responses


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    If it doesn't fit with ears, I generally put it on a shelf.
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    Normally I'd say: get a shelf. But I see that this is a desktop rack and appears to be angled. There might be some generic shelves available that work, but to be sure that it is compatible with your rack you probably need to go back to the rack manufacturer.

    Some cantilever shelves have a lip at the rear which might work to keep the gear sliding off. I've seen these in 2 RU versions.

    There does seem to be a rack mount kit for the SRX210, but it doesn't leave room to do side by side mounting with the 891. I think there might be a kit also for the 891.

    Or you can just put it on a desk.
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