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Hi All,

Has anyone recently re-certified here? I sat the 301 3 years ago and I've still got the books, videos and Boson Ex-Sim software for it.

I'm getting around 90% in the practice exams for the 301, can anyone tell me if I'm going to get 'caught out' by the 401, I pray it hasn't changed too much and if it has what domains should I do some last minute reading on. Exams on Saturday.



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    Look on what's changed and practice on that.

    Darril Gibson, Mike Meyers and Sybex < I recommend those .

    Good Luck!
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    I hear it's changed dramatically and a few people I know that have been 301 failed 401. Take it seriously and good luck man!
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    It changed a lot in the time between my tests. Took 301 in 2011, and 401 in sept 2015.

    There were lab type questions, setting up a firewall, and a lab where you choose the right security device from a drop down on 5 or 6 different devices.

    There were also questions about SE Linux.
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    So I sat my renewal on Saturday and passed with a score of *cough* 769. Well a pass is a pass they say and I did only spend a few days watching some old CBT Nuggets to get in shape.

    A few questions did catch me off-guard, there were a few topics I hadn't anticipated so my advice is if you're looking to renew do yourself a favour and purchase the more up-to-date study material. Questions where trickier and longer winded than the 301 IMO. The simulations where more complex i.e. you may actually have to configure some kit rather than simply dragging and dropping pictures. I would say that this is now a more challenging exam which I am pleased with as it's raising the bar, when I sat the 301 for instance, I passed with about 90%.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Congrats man, like you said a pass is a pass!
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