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Will the use of DMZ in network infrastructure decrease due to increase use of VMs nowadays?
What are the Pros and Cons?
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    IMO VM is just another way of saying "computer." A VM is as secure as you make it, just like your Windoze & *nix boxes.
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    Two totally different things. DMZ's do not function like VM's
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    No. You just virtualise the DMZ, or rather security zones, since it's typical to have more than just an inside, outside and DMZ these days.

    I actually ran this infrastructure at a small company. We set up a separate virtual network for external development, with a separate NIC (could be a shared NIC with different VLAN) and access to internet. The external developers could then access this environment without access to the rest of our system - some of which was on the same VM host.
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    The use of dedicated metal for DMZ decreases. DMZ itself doesn't.
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