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Here is a situation I have.

One of the things I am in charge of at my job is updating our Video Bulletin Board on our public cable channel. When I make updates to this system right now I have to go to the computer running the Bulletin Board software and continue from there.

Right now I have a couple options as to what to do for viewrs at home not to see what I am doing. I can go to our leightronix switch an switch it to a blank screen.

Option 2 is that I can freeze screen on our scan converter

Option 3 is that instead of putting the text into this program I could just use templates from the backgrounds I create and then just add text to them as needed....
I will have premade slides made on the Video Bulletin Board PC that point to these background pictures. Once I modify one of these pictures at my desk (add text to it) I can send it over the network to overwrite the old picture on the VBB Computer.

I was thinking that a possible solution might be to use a Remote Connection into this PC and do updates like that.... What I don't want to happen is viewers from home being able to see what I am doing nor do I want the machine to lock itself in any way....

Just something I've been thinking about the past couple days but I am in no hurry.


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    Well if you use remote desktop connection, as far as I've experienced it will lock that other PC. You'll still get the "This computer is in use and has been locked" screen on the other end, which I assume your viewers will be able to see, but they won't see what you're doing.
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    The only issue I have with that... And correct me if I'm wrong but you have to actually be at the workstation to unlock it. If that is the case then I don't think that would work because the vewers won't see the bulletin board when it comes back online.

    If management decides to spend the money to purchase a much newer leightronix as I suggested they do then I will be in better shape. The new leightronix has a built in 10/100 ethernet port and has the ability to be programmed remotely... Then I could use something like Real VNC to do what I need on the Bulletin Board PC.

    Problem is the new leightronix costs about $1000... Although the old one does not have the ability to rebroadcast DVD which is something management has been wanting to do.... I beleive the new mini-t Leightronix will be able to play our DVDs which would kill 2 birds with one stone....

    I guess I might have to wait and see.
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    If the computer that is running your software is on your network then one possible solution (keep in mind that I am NOT familiar with that software) may be to:

    *Create a share to the file or folder that the software uses to store that file that needs editing

    *Map that share to your computer you are wanting to edit from.

    *Install the software on that machine and have it either use the same location as the main file to directly edit it OR copy it over to the machine you are editing from and once you are satisfied with your edits then simply replace the source file.

    Again, I am not familiar with that software at all but that should does in theory anyway. :D
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    I would do that if I had another license for the software. Sometimes I wonder how good of a replacement Powerpoint would be for this type of thing. If we had the budget I would convince them into purchasing a program by Scala Infochannel designer 3. I've played with the demo of Scala and it is much easier to use with far more options/effects and I beleive it has network funcionality built into it.
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    dont know the legalities of this. dont really matter to me as I am not using it, but here is an option.
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    We have multiple display screens around the site, and they all have the content served using web-pages/IIS. You can embed video and powerpoint files easily into a web page, and all the content is managed from the IIS server. Is this not an option for you?

    You could use the powerpoint viewer which is free, on the client PC's if the cost is an issue ....
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