Getting Ready for Security + / Strategic?

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Hello, Getting ready for Security +, using Darrell Gibson S+ book. Right now I'm on chapter 5. (I already took this exam and failed-2016) I'm planning to finish the book then buy the MeasureUp questions or Darrell G. study guide.

Would you suggest to do the questions while studying on the book or finish the book first then the questions?




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    I would suggest doing the end of chapter questions. Furthermore there is a final exam in the book at the end consisting of 100 questions. Look into Gibsons online premium content it's very helpful for the simulation questions on the exam.
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    Gibson book - read through and do the end of chapter quizzes to help reinforce the information you read
    Gibson Practice questions at end of book, do these in learn mode to see why that answer is correct and the others are incorrect
    Gibson Simulations on his website

    You should be all set
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  • MkroadrushMkroadrush Member Posts: 38 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'm doing the quizzes at the end of each chapter ... and watching Prof. Messer S+ videos. I dont think the last 100 questions is just enough to be ready.

    So far I'm doing about chapter and half a week. Need extra for passing this exam.. and to honest, I'm not great on exams.
  • ultm8mindultm8mind Member Posts: 111
    Google SYO401 Security + Labs and Sims, get GCGA Premium Content and mix up your study routine a little, that way you don't lose interest if you have...
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    Utlm8mind, I absolutely agree. The GCGA premium content worked wonders for me. I also used and review some of Professor Messer's YouTube videos. But, overall, I believe that GCGA premium helped the most.
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