Rolling with the Positive Momentum

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Update to my MCSA certification journey:
I recently posted about passing the 70-410, which I was very happy about. I then started prepping for the 70-411. I’m about 2 weeks into studying, and am working my way into the networking section. This week I got the word that I can start job shadowing and training SCCM 2012 R2 on my time off to get prepared to move into an SCCM position. While not discussed, the 70-243 is on my mind, and I know that I will need it to really fully qualify for the position and secure it.
On top of the 70-411, I am doing online classes to pursue my degree – I am planning to put the 70-411 on hold while I go for the 70-243. I figure that I can resume MCSA studies after I succeed in getting moved to the SCCM position. It’s going to be extremely challenging, I’ll be working 6 days a week (3 training and 3 in the help desk), while studying and taking care of life in general. I’m hungry for success though!
I love this IT world, there’s always something to study and learn, and constantly being forced to develop and grow skills! Wanted to say thanks for all the support from everyone in TE and hope to keep you all updated with good news!


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