CISSP Pass - 04/10/2017

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Got out of the exam room a few hours ago (took me 4 hours 34 minutes - first time) and the printed piece of paper congratulated me on the pass and that it was provisional pass or whatever it's called. I called up ISC2 right away because I was worried but he stated that is normal because they are waiting for the grade and then the endorsement processes. Once that endorsement process completes then it will be a full pass. I took two breaks during the exam. One was a 3 minute bathroom break and the other was a 11 minutes lunch break.

My little story below;

I used Eric Conrad (Syngress) CISSP 3rd Edition study guide and his 11th hour CISSP exam book. Total amount of study time? Roughly 97 hours. My position is a System Admin / Engineer in the DOD for 6 and a half years. I'm currently doing some threat stuff right now.

I did take a training camp boot camp but only lasted three days because I got hit by a car on my way back to the hotel 0_0 I started studying back on January 30th for roughly 2 hours a night (Some nights I did not because I was traveling for work). During the three days of the boot camp I was putting in 13 hours. After a week and a half break (after getting hit by the car) I finished Domain 8 and then two days later started reading the 11th hour CISSP book.

All I can say is do not over study and get a ton of books for this exam. Why? Well, if I know the facts then I can deduce through the super high level questions (which like 75% of the exam easily is). However, I was able to pull out key words and because I knew what those meant then I could deduce were the correct answer was. Eric gives you the facts and some good real world examples. His tests quiz you against those facts and the two practice exams are good as well.


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    Grats on the pass!
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    Thanks! I was really worried when I saw the provisional pass thing. I quickly called up, seriously cannot have that crap happening to me lol. I even went back to the test center asking if I did anything wrong haha. I was worred that my break I took for lunch (11 minutes) in the hallway (which they approved and even saw what I took out of my locker) which is the same hallway were the restrooms were. God this is nerve racking.
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    Congrats. The provisional pass is standard. We all got that as far as I know.
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    dhay13 wrote: »
    Congrats. The provisional pass is standard. We all got that as far as I know.

    That makes me happy to hear that dhay. I'm over here like "**** me". When I log into my vue account it states I passed. Though the exam I thought I failed for sure. Just some of them were soo "o this looks good but this does too" kind of thing. Thankfully all the black and white ones I knew within 3 seconds lol.

    the letter states

    " Congratualtions! We are please to inform you that you proviosonally passed the Certified Information Systems Security Processional (CISSP) examination. Your examination result is provisional in that it may be subject to further psychometric and forensic evaluation before certification decision is reached."

    Then it goes on to state to allow 2-5 business days for the result to be transmitted to isc2. then talks about if you applied for an associate no further action is necessary then talks about if you are seeking certification as CISSP.
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    Yep, same as mine
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    Congratz on the pass..
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    nice work mate !

    do you get anything to write on when you start the exam ie quick brain **** on paper ?
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    Well done!
    C|EH, CASP, C|DNA, ITIL, VCP6, MCITP:EA + others
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    Thanks all!!
    Oztexs wrote: »
    nice work mate !

    do you get anything to write on when you start the exam ie quick brain **** on paper ?

    They (persona vue) gave me a white board which i put a few things down when I first started ( for example, how to calcuate ALE, SLE, etc). Although none of those things came up on my exam lol. Throughout the exam i would write down key words from the questions and look at them on my board. When i wrote things down then i looked at them to joggle my memory on what they meant. A good way to stop looking at the screen all the time.
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