Multiple virtual routers on GLBP?

Llukman1Llukman1 Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hey folks.
I just want to confirm something regarding the 1024 virtual routers (glbp groups) on each router's physical interface. I know that each virtual default gateway supports up to 4 forwarding routers.
The part where I am GETTING CONFUSED at is 1024 on each router's physical interface. Does this mean that 1 router physical interface can be apart of 1024 different default virtual gateway's? Like if we have set up a virtual default gateway router with IP address for group 1 then we set up another virtual gateway for those same routers with an IP address of for group 2. So with these 2 groups the router physical interfaces have 2 virtual gateway router's set up?
Does that make sense how I explained it an where I am getting confused?
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