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Hi all new to the forums but have read them several times.

i have my exam in a couple of weeks and i have gone through all my study material , i am using onlineexpert and measureup, and also the usual stuff messor and cbt nuggets, i have a good selection of material i think so thats not a worry.

my main concern for the exam is the labs i am unsure of exactly what type of labs might pop up. i know i can't get a list of exactly what will come up but if i had say a list of the 10/20 most often ones i could make sure i know them 100% before my exam and if a diff one pops up that i don't know then so be it. i would like to say tho i would like to know everything haha not looking for a quick fix, i don't want to scrape though exams without actually knowing/understanding . i like to be able to transfer what i have learnt into real world scenarios even if its just for myself.
i have server 2012 here at home and an win7 pro laptop and have installed dhcp dns and Active directory so far which are pretty straight forward,setup a domain and added the laptop to it .

thanks for any input


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    You can buy pearsonit hands on lab simulator if you want to practice labs. It's 35$ if you do the survey as well.

    It teaches you definitions, port numbers (which I suspect you already know - if not, it will greatly help) and let you practice interface configuration for routers/switches etc.

    It's up to how much you already know really.. when I purchased it I already knew my exam objectives well enough so I can't say it helped a lot, but it did add some knowledge which I wasn't gonna find anywhere else. If money is not an issue, go for it!
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    hey thanks for reply i will look into that i'll see how i go this week then if still unsure i will probably get it

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    Anytime, no worries! I think I had one lab from the simulators on my exam. Was really glad to see it there :D
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    I failed the test today. I know all of the material but almost none of it is on the test. Maybe 2 port questions one was BGP which is port 179 (know that).

    General knowledge questions... maybe 3 questions those were easy.

    VPN? None... TCP/IP... none... subnet... none.

    Nearly every question was completely scenario based so don't spend your time memorizing all of the standards and everything. Know them but you need to figure out how to simulate problems in lab environments.

    Good luck.
    Currently enrolling into WGU's IT - Security Program. Working on LPIC (1,2,3) and CCNA (and S) as long term goals and preparing for the Security+ and A+ as short term goals.
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    Passed today am very happy got 793

    i must say the questions were surprising, some were like super simple while others were super confusing i don't remember any middle of the ground ones just hard or easy!

    subnetting came up on mine as well as largest remaining block, Tools and Troubleshooting problems also came up. Also switches and vlans know them stp/split horizon trunking tagging etc.
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    Congrats! What's next ?
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    thanks :D

    i am undecided as of yet, i have the option to do one of sec+, CCNA routing and switching (new one is being released) or server2012 (not sure what server 2012 yet will find out this week i assume its installing and configuring but not sure) i think it will either be CCNA or server 2012

    i see you are doing the sec+ how is that going ? is it a major leap from the stuff touched on in net+
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    To be honest so far I feel like 50-60% of the stuff am reading has been covered in Net+ and A+ which I done not long ago so they still fresh to me. It's more definition oriented I suppose rather than practical. It's going good so far, been borrowing a book from a friend as Gibson's book which I order 3 weeks ago still hasn't arrived (The tough life of living on an island o_o) I don't really like how current book outlines everything but it's my only option at the moment.
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    thanks Skyliinez

    i am planning on doing the sec+ at some stage but think i will wait a year or two so it will renew my A+ and net+ if/when i pass it , on thing the Net+ has taught me is any cert is possible once u study for it.
    i'll be keeping an eye on your sec+ thread good luck with it :D
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