After Security+ Career Path?

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Hi folks, newbie here.

I'm 34 years old, been in I.T. in some form or another all my life. Currently a "Senior Systems Admin" for a transport company with 1800 users across 130 offices. I put my title in inverted comma's because although that is my title I do very very little actual technical work, most of my time is spent managing and coordinating a team of technicians.

I have just passed Security+ and I'm wondering where to from here. As far as I understand there are two career paths in Information Security, Auditing and actual hands on network and systems defense. My thinking is that I would enjoy the hands on path more although I have been out of anything technical for some time.

So where to from here?

CASP, CSA+ (although CSA+ is not available in South Africa currently), or should I rather focus on an EC Council cert now? I am fairly confident that I could go straight to CASP but if I had to do CSA+ it wouldn't be the end of the world. If I went the EC council route would I need to start right at the begging, ie: CND or could I go for a more advanced course like EHC?
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