Multiple Certification Boot Camp/Bundle?

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Hey all! First post time posting here! I did a little searching on here and Google but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I'm hoping someone here can shed some light for me. Is there any boot camp classes/course where multiple certifications are offered? I'm mainly interested in MCSA/MCSE for Server 2012/2016, CCNA/CCNP R&S and Security+/CISSP certs. Now I know that none of the certs I just listed would come in any type of bundle together for a course/boot camp, but is there anything like what I am describing? Closest things I am finding are usually CompTIA bundles which I am not really interested in. Thank you all!


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    They are usually broken up in order to give you time to digest the information. So get your CCNA, then take a breath, get some experience uneder your belt, then come back for the CCNP. I am leaning on going to this one just to get a baseline cert in three areas:
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    Yea I saw that one too, but I'm not interested in all those certs so I skipped past it.
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    It would take me 2 solid years to absorb CCNP + MCSE + CISSP. Possibly 3. The human brain just doesn't work that way (unless you are a genius, but then you wouldn't need a boot camp).
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    Bootcamps often serve as refreshers and a different way to study the material - they don't tend to be an only study source and trying to cramp a bunch of different certs in all different directions into a 12-week bootcamp would be a bit impractical because the knowledge you learned the last week would be fading quickly as you're being overloaded the next week.

    Probably your best bet is to find an all access pass subscription to video on demand somewhere which trains across multiple cert types and go at the pace you can learn at. Pluralsight, IT Pro TV, INE, etc all offer their version of this.
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