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Hello all,

So I have decided to retake my Net+ exam again in 4 weeks (cash flow issue). I plan on rereading the Mike Meyer's book and using what CompTIA print out for me as a study guide. But in the mean time I want to start diving into Cisco switch and router configurations. I have Packet Tracer but I'm looking for lab ideas...

Can I virtual box Cisco IOS?

What other lab suggestions do you have?

I would like to be able to pen test my network as well as I am hobbying Kali Linux currently.

I will probably take my CCENT right after the Net+.

Thanks in advance.
Currently enrolling into WGU's IT - Security Program. Working on LPIC (1,2,3) and CCNA (and S) as long term goals and preparing for the Security+ and A+ as short term goals.
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