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Hi all,

Just started on my CCNA journey and I am thinking about purchasing this to help me prepare for the ICND1 exam and had a few questions. The demo of this product was not able to help me answer these questions.

With the exam simulator are you able to target specific chapters as part of the syllabus to test on? I'm using the Cisco press book and working my way through chapter at a time. So say I've completed up to part 1 Network Fundamentals (chapter 1 - 5). I'd like to take some practice exam questions targeting part 1 only, or chapters within that part, as you can do with the Pearson test prep.

Also as I am taking the 2 exam route, if I purchase the exam simulator for CCNA, can I restrict the questions and exam to the CCENT stuff only, or is it best to purchase the CCENT exam simulator and then ICND2 after? Reason is I can get the CCNA one for the same price as the ICND1 ex-sim, so could save myself some money.

Thanks all


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    The Boson Ex-sim is designed to simulate the exam, so it is best used when you have finished the entire ICND1 book and you feel that you are exam ready. It contains 3 exams and it's most valuable the first time you sit each one, it'll give you a realistic score and you'll know your knowledge gaps. There's a guide on the Boson site on best practice, but it's pretty much do exam A, study more, do exam B, study more and do exam C. If you failed at first you're aiming to pass the later exams. I doubt it will let you do questions by section, but it does give you a breakdown of % by the 5 main exam topics like the real exam does.

    The DIKTA and 'part review' questions you get with the Cisco Press Book are probably the best for targesting the syllabus.
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    For ICND1 people generally say the Boson is a bit harder than the actual exam. For ICND2 I thought it was on par.
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    For me, the Boson was more difficult than both the ICND1 and ICND2, but everyone is different. Definitely use the exam simulator after you have completed your studies as it will highlight your weaknesses.
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