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So...i'm back. I left IT almost a year ago to work in public service after graduating college, first in child welfare, and now as a Felony Probation and Parole Officer. I want to get back into IT...but no more support/help desk roles. I'll be getting serious about LPIC/RHCSA/Linux Foundation Certified SYSADMIN/RHCE (starting LPIC-1 within the week) with the hope's of moving into a Jr. Linux Admin role by the end of the year. I start and undergraduate certificate in Linux Administration this summer. This was my pointless declaration..I apologize you had to endure that :)

the real question is I intend on using the following resources:

Linux Academy

The Linux Command Line; A complete Introduction

are these still sort of the de-facto resources most are using to vanquish LPIC-1?


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    Yup. Those are both what I used.

    I first learned bash using "The Linux Command Line," which you have linked to above. I then learned bash shell scripting using "Unix Shell Scripting" -> (basic scripting knowledge is needed to pass the LPIC/Linux+)

    From there I got a subscription to Linux Academy and used it to pass the Linux+.
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    Linuxacademy now have new course for Linux+/LPIC1 exam:
    It is for first exam: LX0-103 and It is organized according to exam objective topics.
    While you go to end of this course I hope the updated course for second exam: LX0-104 will arrive :)
    Do all Live Labs, Exercises and Quizzes.
    For bash scripting you can use this course too:
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    Welcome back! You can't go wrong with Linux Academy, in my opinion. The depth and variety of the courses they offer is amazing, especially for $29/month.

    I used ITPro TV and an outdated Sybex book (LX0-101/102) to pass 103, and I scored a 680. I used Linux Academy to pass 104 and I scored a 740. Unfortunately where I'm located (central Florida) there never seem to be any mid-level Linux/UNIX admin jobs around, but there are always DevOps jobs being advertised. So don't get discouraged when you're looking for work. If you're passionate about this, the payoff is worth more than the wait! (I'm still waiting, alas)
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